A Message From Your RXCSF President…

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The RXCSF Board has been busy preparing for another Nordic season which will be here before you know it. Darren Leach has serviced all our sleds and grooming equipment, so we will be ready to go once the snow flies. Jackie Masci has been busy coordinating with our contributors in preparing this newsletter for you. As I mentioned in our May newsletter, we have started a signage initiative that we hope to implement this fall at all venues where RXCSF grooms.  Thanks to Anna Gorbold and Stina Bridgeman for leading this effort. Jason Hettenbaugh, through his Rochester Nordic Racing organization has been busy all summer leading youth development programs for the Nordic youth skiers in the region. Bob Kuehl, Donna Hickling and I have been busy addressing legal items, insurance coverages and organizational matters – not very fun summer work but essential none the less for the success of our organization. I also met with Monroe County Parks staff at Mendon Ponds Park about some of the feedback from our supporter survey earlier this spring but, also to get their input on our signage initiative.

Thank you to all who support RXCSF every year. We would not exist without you. I would also like to thank our sponsors. I encourage all our RXCSF supporters to patronize these local businesses.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone,

Jim Pippin

RXCSF Welcomes New Grooming Coordinator

This past season we welcomed Darren Leach to the RXCSF Board as our Grooming Coordinator. Darren has already provided valuable expertise to help us maintain and coordinate our grooming equipment, ensuring our machines are ready when the snow flies. We greatly appreciate Darren’s efforts and look forward to continuing to work with him in the seasons to come. Please read a brief bio about Darren below. 

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RXCSF Youth Season Recap

Can’t link arms for blob tag during a pandemic?  No problem, let’s whack each other (from a distance) with foam noodles instead!   RXCSF youth skiers found plenty of ways to have fun in the snow this winter while adapting to COVID rules.  75 kids, with volunteer help from several high-school skiing program alums, explored new techniques and terrain in small groups through activities like a skiing playground at Mendon Ponds (jumps! bumps! Slalom! snowmen!), Ski Bingo at Bristol, and a photo scavenger hunt at Cumming Nature Center.

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RXCSF Welcomes New Board Members

This past season we welcomed two new volunteers to the RXCSF Board, Darren Leach who joined us in December as our Grooming Coordinator and Jaclyn Masci who joined us at the end March as our Vice President and will be key in coordinating RXCSF’s public outreach activities including reviving this newsletter.  Please read brief bios about both Darren and Jaclyn below.  The RXCSF Board welcomes them and greatly appreciates their efforts.

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Summer Ski Prep and Storage

May 1st is the traditional start to the Nordic ski training season! Before you start thinking about training for next season, be sure to take care of your skis now so that they are ready to go when the snow arrives next winter. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you get your skis ready for the off season.

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A Message From Your RXCSF President…

A big THANK YOU, to all of you that supported RXCSF this past season.  The weather finally cooperated, and we ended up having some great skiing here locally from the end of January through March.  I have to say being able to enjoy some great Nordic skiing this past winter was a very welcome respite after the crazy 2020 we have all endured.  We would not be able to do it without all of your support.

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Looking for a new direction this winter? Try ski orienteering!

Ski orienteering combines the map-based navigation sport of orienteering with cross-country skiing. Participants use a detailed topographic map showing ski trails, water features (streams, marshes, ponds), clearings, buildings, and other landmarks in order to navigate to a series of checkpoints. Unlike summer forms of orienteering, all of the checkpoints are on trails – if you can use a trail map, you can do ski orienteering! It’s a great way to explore new areas, or to see familiar places with a different perspective.

The Rochester Orienteering Club has a series of “sol-o” ski orienteering courses available at local parks this winter. All you need are your skis and a map – you can try these courses at any time! Difficulties range from beginner to advanced – more advanced courses are longer, have more complex navigation choices, and use more difficult ski trails.

Click here to know more about ski orienteering? (what you need, how it works, tips) <Ski_Orienteering pdf>

Visit the ROC website (https://roc.us.orienteering.org) for maps and information about the available courses.