Ski Areas

New to the area? Wondering where to ski?

Thanks to Gary Reif for much of the text on this page and the park descriptions on the linked pages below.

Rochester is very fortunate to have a very active volunteer community in the form of the Rochester Cross Country Ski Foundation. We currently provide grooming at 4 area parks. This is completely, totally, 100% funded by your donations (even though the grooming is in County and state parks), so please support us with a donation!

All of these parks also have ungroomed hiking trails, some of which are suitable for XC skiing if you are a bit adventurous. Descriptions of XC skiing at each park on the pages below.

Ski Areas Groomed by RXCSF:

Harriet Hollister

Mendon Ponds Park

Durand Eastman Park

Webster Park

Nearby Nordic Ski Areas:

Cumming Nature Center

Osceola Ski and Sport Resort — NEW!

Osceola Tug Hill