A Message From the President

Some snow and cold have finally arrived here this week.  Here’s hoping we get a long cold snap and more snow for us to get out there and start grooming trails.  I have some unfortunate news about our trail signage initiative at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area.  The State didn’t get enough time to review our proposal and issue authorization this fall so we could order and install the new signs.  We will work with the State to make sure that happens in time for next season.  We will also continue our discussions with Monroe County Parks and try to complete our trail signage plans for those parks next year/season as well.

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RXCSF and Charitable Contributions

Author: Vince Daniele, RXCSF Donor (Pittsford, NY)

Attention skiers, parents of skiers, and grandparents of skiers.  Are you aware that RXCSF can accept charitable contributions that are in addition to the “Supporter Levels” listed on the website?  It’s true.  You can support the organization by making charitable contributions in several ways, including donating online, or printing the donation form found on the website and mailing the form and a check to RXCSF.  However, if you are 70 1/2 years of age, or older, what may be better than writing a check or donating online is using money from your IRA to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to RXCSF, which, in addition to helping the organization, can help you reduce your taxes and your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).  QCDs don’t require that you itemize your income tax deductions, which due to the current tax laws, means you may decide to take advantage of the higher standard deduction, but still use a QCD for charitable giving.

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Durand Eastman Park

Author: Jaclyn Masci
Contributors: Darren Leach, Bob Kuehl

This month we are featuring one of our local RXCSF-groomed ski locations, Durand Eastman Park. Durand is the home course for Irondequoit High School and a relatively new addition to the RXCSF squad of parks. The location offers an extensive network of trails convenient for North and West-siders as well as city residents. Personally though, we think it is worth a drive even if you live in the South or East! Durand also benefits from lake effect snow which gives it a leg up over Mendon Ponds when a storm hits.

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Skier Spotlight: Mark Paprocki

He’s an Irondequoitan runner-turned-diehard-nordic-skier who chose cross-country over ski jumping, won back-to-back Rochester Cups, and skied his way into the Alfred State Hall of Fame.  He has dined with Olympians in Alaska, and was literally at the cutting edge of the rise of skating in cross-country skiing.  You might read his posts from Durand Eastman, where he finds good skiing when you thought the ground was bare.  If you’ve huffed your way up Bristol’s Race to the Summit, you’ve done it next to him.  And if you cross ski tracks with a bearded guy with sunglasses and a gregarious laugh who’s skating fast on classic skis with the tips sawn off, hop in the track next to him and talk skiing.  You’ll be bound to learn something cool about the history of the sport in Western NY, and stories to remind you that in an ever-more-complicated world, cross-country skiing can still be simple, practical, and addictingly fun.

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Proposed Nordic Ski Trail Signage

RXCSF is working to revise the current trail maps, create new maps for the groomed Nordic ski trails, and install new signs that clearly indicate trail names and difficulty. RXCSF believes this work will provide improved trail information and guidance for Nordic skiers that visit Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area (HHSSRA) and Mendon Ponds Park (MPP).

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November 2021 Message from the President

Snow has already fallen in some of the higher elevations in the Western New York region. It’s snow time! The RXCSF Board is still busy finalizing our preparations for the season. Darren is making some modifications to our sleds to include flashing beacon lights to comply with safety guidelines. Anna, Stina and I have been finalizing the signage plan for Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area and Mendon Ponds Park. We have decided to focus on these two parks this year and if the changes are well received then we will develop plans for the remaining parks next year. We are happy to introduce in this month’s newsletter a new feature called “Skier Spotlight”. Matt Bellizzi interviewed Mark Paprocki for this month. Matt and Mark did a great job, and we plan to continue this feature going forward. I think everyone will find this interesting. Jason Hettenbaugh provides some waxing tips – this month’s topic is liquid glide wax. Jackie has started the official RXCSF Instagram account and Bob has cleaned up the Facebook page a bit. More information including links and the upcoming HFL Ski Swap can be found below.

One update I want to share with you is that RXCSF is no longer affiliated with grooming at Barker Road Middle School in Pittsford and therefore, our supporters are unable to ski there since it is private property. Unfortunately, the Pittsford Central School District never really allowed the public or RXCSF supporters on their trails from the beginning of our involvement therefore, it was not in RXCSF’s best interest to continue our affiliation.

Please consider renewing your support for RXCSF in the coming weeks. Thank you to all who support RXCSF every year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trails soon.

Jim Pippin

Liquid Ski Wax: Everything you need to know

Author: Jason Hettenbaugh, Rochester Nordic Racing advisor to the RXCSF Board of Directors.
Please note, this article is for educational purposes only. Jason is writing about his experience promoting Start waxes. RXCSF does not endorse or promote any specific wax brands or suppliers.

The skiing world is going through a whirlwind of changes this season, adapting to the coronavirus, moving away from fluorinated waxes, and a big expansion of the availability and use of liquid waxes. While some are fixated on the fluorocarbon ban and creating regulations for safer waxing environments, many are creating solutions for safe socially distanced skiing this season. These are important, yet there is a shortage of quality information regarding what the new waxes are, how they perform, and the potential risks of using them. Some of the new liquid waxes contain ingredients that stink. Literally.

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HFL Nordic Ski Swap and Sale

The HFL Nordic Ski Swap and Sale will take place November 20, 2021 from 9 am – 1 pm at the Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School on Quaker Meeting House Road, Honeoye Falls.  The sale, which has been held for nearly the past 27 years, has often been called “The Largest One Day XC Ski Sale in New York State.” 

The public is encouraged to bring in used cross country ski equipment and clothing to consign for the sale the evening of November 19, 2021 from 7-8:30 pm.   Money made from the sale of used equipment will be returned to the seller less 15% to support local childrens’ and Section V High School Nordic Programs and nordic trail grooming efforts.

The public sale will open at 9 am November 20, 2021.  Used cross country equipment, demo equipment, and clothing will be available in the cafeteria until noon. New Nordic equipment and clothing from ski shops around New York State will be available in the gym until 1 pm. Masks must be worn inside all school buildings. 

High School skiers will be on hand to hot wax cross country skis for a nominal fee.  Bindings will also be mounted on-site for an additional fee. 

A promotional poster and postcard are attached below – please spread the word!

A Message From Your RXCSF President…

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The RXCSF Board has been busy preparing for another Nordic season which will be here before you know it. Darren Leach has serviced all our sleds and grooming equipment, so we will be ready to go once the snow flies. Jackie Masci has been busy coordinating with our contributors in preparing this newsletter for you. As I mentioned in our May newsletter, we have started a signage initiative that we hope to implement this fall at all venues where RXCSF grooms.  Thanks to Anna Gorbold and Stina Bridgeman for leading this effort. Jason Hettenbaugh, through his Rochester Nordic Racing organization has been busy all summer leading youth development programs for the Nordic youth skiers in the region. Bob Kuehl, Donna Hickling and I have been busy addressing legal items, insurance coverages and organizational matters – not very fun summer work but essential none the less for the success of our organization. I also met with Monroe County Parks staff at Mendon Ponds Park about some of the feedback from our supporter survey earlier this spring but, also to get their input on our signage initiative.

Thank you to all who support RXCSF every year. We would not exist without you. I would also like to thank our sponsors. I encourage all our RXCSF supporters to patronize these local businesses.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone,

Jim Pippin