Mt. Pittsford

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Mt. Pittsford is the cross country ski area maintained and groomed by the Friends of Pittsford Nordic booster club and the Pittsford Nordic Varsity/JV and Modified Teams. The skiing is an outstanding 1 mile loop of flats & hills and of straights and turns on the athletic fields above Barker Road Middle School. It is the home practice terrain for Pittsford Varsity, JV, and Modified Nordic skiing. RXCSF Supporters are welcome to share the facility, when not in use by the Pittsford Nordic teams.

Directions: From Monroe Ave (Route 31) in Pittsford, take S Main St (Route 64) to a right on W  Bloomfield Rd and a right on Barker Rd. Park on left in school parking lot. Ski loop is on athletic fields, above tennis courts, and marked by snow fences.