Looking for a new direction this winter? Try ski orienteering!

Ski orienteering combines the map-based navigation sport of orienteering with cross-country skiing. Participants use a detailed topographic map showing ski trails, water features (streams, marshes, ponds), clearings, buildings, and other landmarks in order to navigate to a series of checkpoints. Unlike summer forms of orienteering, all of the checkpoints are on trails – if you can use a trail map, you can do ski orienteering! It’s a great way to explore new areas, or to see familiar places with a different perspective.

The Rochester Orienteering Club has a series of “sol-o” ski orienteering courses available at local parks this winter. All you need are your skis and a map – you can try these courses at any time! Difficulties range from beginner to advanced – more advanced courses are longer, have more complex navigation choices, and use more difficult ski trails.

Click here to know more about ski orienteering? (what you need, how it works, tips) <Ski_Orienteering pdf>

Visit the ROC website (https://roc.us.orienteering.org) for maps and information about the available courses.