November 2021 Message from the President

Snow has already fallen in some of the higher elevations in the Western New York region. It’s snow time! The RXCSF Board is still busy finalizing our preparations for the season. Darren is making some modifications to our sleds to include flashing beacon lights to comply with safety guidelines. Anna, Stina and I have been finalizing the signage plan for Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area and Mendon Ponds Park. We have decided to focus on these two parks this year and if the changes are well received then we will develop plans for the remaining parks next year. We are happy to introduce in this month’s newsletter a new feature called “Skier Spotlight”. Matt Bellizzi interviewed Mark Paprocki for this month. Matt and Mark did a great job, and we plan to continue this feature going forward. I think everyone will find this interesting. Jason Hettenbaugh provides some waxing tips – this month’s topic is liquid glide wax. Jackie has started the official RXCSF Instagram account and Bob has cleaned up the Facebook page a bit. More information including links and the upcoming HFL Ski Swap can be found below.

One update I want to share with you is that RXCSF is no longer affiliated with grooming at Barker Road Middle School in Pittsford and therefore, our supporters are unable to ski there since it is private property. Unfortunately, the Pittsford Central School District never really allowed the public or RXCSF supporters on their trails from the beginning of our involvement therefore, it was not in RXCSF’s best interest to continue our affiliation.

Please consider renewing your support for RXCSF in the coming weeks. Thank you to all who support RXCSF every year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trails soon.

Jim Pippin