A Message From the President

Some snow and cold have finally arrived here this week.  Here’s hoping we get a long cold snap and more snow for us to get out there and start grooming trails.  I have some unfortunate news about our trail signage initiative at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area.  The State didn’t get enough time to review our proposal and issue authorization this fall so we could order and install the new signs.  We will work with the State to make sure that happens in time for next season.  We will also continue our discussions with Monroe County Parks and try to complete our trail signage plans for those parks next year/season as well.

Thank you for everyone that showed interest in grooming.  If you tried reaching out to us and haven’t received a response, please try again and I will respond ASAP.  Holiday celebrations delayed my ability to check all my recent e-mails.  We are always looking for new groomers to help, so all of the work doesn’t fall onto just a select few.  Please also thank a groomer if you see them out there this season.  They are the core of our organization that are getting all the “real” work done.

Although we couldn’t get out and groom this past December, I did want to clarify that big game hunting at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area ended at dusk of the regular gun season which was on December 12, 2021.  There is no late season hunting allowed at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area.  This includes the new late holiday hunting season (12/26/2021 through 01/01/2022) that was open for the Southern Zone.  RXCSF, through our permit with the State, is allowed to start grooming after the regular season which would have been on December 13, 2021.  I know this is all a moot point now, but I did want to clarify that for everyone since I heard conversations where some folks were concerned about this new season affecting skiing at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area.

We also have a special article in this month’s newsletter written by one of our very generous supporters, Vince Daniele, who volunteered (of his own volition) to write an article about Qualified Charitable Donations (QCDs).  I hope you find Vince’s comprehensive article interesting and helpful in making any charitable donations you may be considering.

Thank you all for reading our newsletter and for your continued support.  I am still looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trails soon.

Jim Pippin