Durand Eastman Park

Author: Jaclyn Masci
Contributors: Darren Leach, Bob Kuehl

This month we are featuring one of our local RXCSF-groomed ski locations, Durand Eastman Park. Durand is the home course for Irondequoit High School and a relatively new addition to the RXCSF squad of parks. The location offers an extensive network of trails convenient for North and West-siders as well as city residents. Personally though, we think it is worth a drive even if you live in the South or East! Durand also benefits from lake effect snow which gives it a leg up over Mendon Ponds when a storm hits.

Durand offers gentle rolling terrain great for all ski levels. If you are new to skiing or teaching someone to ski, this is a great place since there are open areas which facilitate practice and instruction.

The grooming at Durand in the 2020-2021 season was absolutely incredible (shout out to Darren Leach and our entire grooming team). Wide trails make for enjoyable skating and the extensive trail system means you can get in a long ski without getting bored. As you ski through Durand you will weave by ponds, experience hills as well as flats, and woods as well as vast open space. If you venture across Lake Shore Blvd you can even get a view of frozen Lake Ontario.

When there is enough snow for a Section V race, the Durand venue allows for a wide viewing area without much walking. Spectators can watch a race on the upper course and lower course from one spot – it is almost like a stadium experience. One item to note is that we have strict requirements that have to be met before grooming can start for the season due to the golf course setting. But don’t worry, this venue is worth the wait! We hope to see you out there when the snow flies!