RXCSF Trail Signage

Author: Anna Gorbold

For some time there has, without doubt, been a demand and concern for improving signage for XC trails at Mendon Ponds Park, Harriet Hollister State Park and possibly at Durand Eastman Park and Webster Park. At this time RXCSF’s focus is primarily on Mendon Ponds Park and Harriet Hollister where we are working in conjunction with the park management.

RXCSF has purchased Carsonite posts that the parks will install. This year the signage project will be started at Mendon Ponds park. Snow lovers will start to see Carsonite Posts – these will be familiar as they are standard use in most parks nationally. RXCSF is also purchasing the signs that will be attached to the Carsonite Posts and anywhere else signage is necessary. At Mendon Ponds the information on the posts will indicate: trail difficulty, trails for walking and snow shoeing, “One Way” warnings, as well as “Return to Trail Head” indicators. We aim to reduce the “One Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs to a minimum except where the terrain clearly indicates a need for this type of information.

This work represents your RXCSF supporter dollars at work! This initiative will enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the precious snow when we get it!  

Example post with signs