Strategic Planning

Author: Bob Kuehl

During offseason this summer the RXCSF Board updated its original Vision and Mission statements which were initially created when RXCSF was founded in 2006. Our revised Vision Statement reads as follows, “Establish and grow an inclusive environment for cross country skiing sustainable for future generations in the greater Rochester, NY area.” The Mission Statement explains how the vision will be achieved.

A series of more specific operational goals have been established in support of the mission. In the short term, we will work to improve the quality of grooming and the skier experience, improve condition reporting, expand the geographic reach of the venues where we groom within the Greater Rochester area, and advance the development of skiers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Long term we will develop plans to sustain Nordic skiing in our area as it becomes more challenging to rely only on natural snow.

You can find the complete strategic plan on our website HERE. We envision it to be fluid, changing as we learn more from experience. Our ability to accomplish these goals will depend on you for your continued financial support but also for your volunteer participation. If you have an interest in serving as  a chair for any of the initiatives outlined in the strategic plan, please reach out to Jaclyn Masci at