Live Conditions Updates: Nordic Pulse

Author: Zak Burke, RXCSF IT Specialist

We are pleased to announce that RXCSF is partnering with Nordic Pulse to improve the effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy of our grooming reports. Nordic Pulse is a two-part system with a phone-based app for groomers to record their progress, and a website that displays maps synchronized to the phone-app to show up-to-date maps of trail conditions. We hope the situation will be win-win for groomers and skiers alike: groomers won’t have to spend as much time updating conditions pages after hours spent out in the cold on the trails because the app tracks their progress and updates the report automatically, and skiers will be able to learn exactly which trails were groomed and when. 

Nordic Pulse uses OpenStreetMap data to provide accurate, detailed trail maps. By overlaying a groomer’s GPS trail with pre-loaded trail maps, they are able to match the two together and generate a precise report, right down to the name of each trail. 

We are still working out all the logistics of the system with our groomers and getting Nordic Pulse’s reports linked to the conditions page on our website. Our goal is to replace the spreadsheets, which are cumbersome to maintain, with timely, accurate maps showing when each trail in each park was last groomed.